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Stout Month 2023

The 30th Annual Mountain Sun Stout Month celebration is finally here, and for the first time ever, Stout Month will debut with 30 HOUSE-MADE stouts!

Through the years, Mountain Sun Stout Month has become an anticipated event among local beer connoisseurs. For the entire month of February, more than ten taps at all four Boulder County Mountain Sun locations are devoted to local versions of this dark ale. Mountain Sun’s amazing 4-person brewery team has brewed 30 Stouts for the 2023 Stout Month!

Since late October 2023, the Mountain Sun Brewery team has been brewing roughly 265 barrels (530 kegs). The Brewers have developed classic stouts for the traditionalists and a wide variety of modern-day stouts from the Coconut Cream Stout to the highly popular Girl Scout Stout.

The following Stouts will debut sometime this week:

48 Smooth Chai Stout - Infused with our own Chai Tea brewed using a custom blend of eight spices.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Chocolate Thunder Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout - Aged for several months in Four Roses Bourbon barrels.

Chocolate Peanut Party Imperial Stout - BRAND NEW for Stout Month 2023! - Brewed with 66# of Belgian Dark Chocolate and 150# of Peanut Flour! VEGAN!

Chocwork Orange Stout - Brewed with both Milk and Dark Chocolates and infused with Tangerine Purée

Jam 'n' Oats Dark Chocolate and Plum Stout - Another VEGAN chocolate Stout! Brewed with Belgian Dark Chocolate and infused with Plum Purée.

Moloko Plus Coffee Cream Stout - Infused with cold-extracted coffee from our amazing roasters, Salto Coffee in Nederland!

Planet Lovetron Chocolate Coconut Imperial Milk Stout - Get it while it lasts! We only made 10 kegs! It doesn't get any more decadent than this Imperial Milk Stout brewed with 125# of Organic Coconut, Milk and Dark Chocolates and aged on 1# of Tahitian Vanilla Beans!

Trickster Stout - Everyone loves hops! Trust us, we know! Our hoppy beers are the top selling brands and he's a stout for the hop heads!

(Availability of each to Stout is subject to change. Kegs kick quickly and at different times at each location.)